**  WHAT TO DO ABOUT STRESS  by Craig Lock **

1. Be positive- see problems as opportunities. Have goals and visions. Have a positive mental attitude.
2. Play sports and step up your exercise.
3. Talk things over with someone.
4. Determine what causes you stress and try to eliminate it.
5. Become physically fit.
6. Balance work, home/family and recreation.
7. Enjoy your play and relaxation- it is precious time! Learn to delegate- don't try to do everything yourself.
8. Get adequate sleep and rest
9. Allow yourself some relaxation and meditation time every day.
10. Learn relaxation techniques: systematic ways to relax.
11. Give yourself time to think.
12. Know your limits and your symptoms of stress...and how to relieve them. Learn to say 'no' to others' excessive demands on you. Don't say "yes" when You mean "no".
13. "Coast" if necessary.
14. Worry only about that which can be changed by you. I like the quotation which goes something like this: "Accept that which cannot be changed by you and let God give me the wisdom to know the difference." I often do not follow this rule.
15. Use your imagination to reduce your stress levels. Be creative.
16. Learn to switch off thinking about work when you get home.
17. Think about your diet and eat nutritious food.
18. Learn to plan your time better.
19. Learn to recognize and to accept your limitations as well as the limitations (and faults) of others.
20. Learn to have FUN: you must be able to enjoy your work.
21. Learn to praise others and be positive,
22. Learn to tolerate and to forgive.
23. Learn to avoid unnecessary competition: you don't have to be the best at everything.
24. Learn to confide in others.
25. Learn to accept what can't be changed in others, eg.. personality or decisions.
26. Learn to accept that some things aren't as important to others as they are to you.
27. Learn to delegate.
28. Learn to recognize stress. Do not become so accustomed to feeling stress that it becomes a normal part of your life.
29. Have trust in other people.
And finally, no matter how stressful or hopeless your situation may
appear to be...
30. Have FAITH IN YOURSELF AND ESPECIALLY IN GOD that things ill eventually work out for you. Just know that HE has a plan for your life and it is to do good deeds.