**  WHAT IS SUCCESS by Graham White **

First, let's cover what success is not.

Success is not having "more"; more money, more stuff, more fame, more power, more university degrees or more life experiences.

Success is not an image.  It does not rely on the impression you make.  It's not about staying ahead of the "Jones".

Success is not being better than; better than the rest of the class, better than your co-workers, higher sales, longer hours, or more personal sacrifice for the sake of your personal achievements.


Success involves purpose; it revolves around your special gifts and your potential.  Success requires fulfillment, for yourself and what you contribute to others.  


Organizational Success isn’t about having everything in the same spot all of the time.

-It’s about managing your time, not losing things, being on time, not wasting food, not losing track of items and having to repurchase them, paying as little as possible because you plan ahead.

Financial Success is not about being rich.

-It’s about having more money than bills, enough money to do things you enjoy and money left over to invest wisely for the future.

Intellectual Success is not about having 3 Ph. D’s

-It’s about continually developing your mind, expanding your universe and achieving more awareness of the principles that you need to give your gifts fully.

Spiritual Success is not about how many times a week you go to church, what groups you’re a member of or how often you pray and read scripture.

-It’s about a connection to something greater than yourself, it’s about being able to question anything you believe because you know the truth will prevail, it’s about the awareness that you can’t do it on your own strength.

Relational Success isn’t about having lots of friends and family.

-It’s about the depth and quality of relationships you develop, it’s about how much you have to give and how willing you are to listen and to learn.

Personal Success isn’t about being sophisticated and "put together".

-It’s about having developed habits that allow you to focus on deeper things in life with whomever you chose. It’s about not being held back by things that others find offensive.

Physical Success isn’t about having the perfect body, running marathons or lifting weights.

-It’s about enjoying life to it’s fullest because you’re healthy, you have the stamina to enjoy everything you have in your day and living a long productive life.

Graham White