"UNLIMITED POWER" by Anthony Robbins 

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Additional thought of Graham White in highlights

Who you know, where you go and what you own are not the measure of personal success.  Success is the ongoing process of striving to become more.  It is the opportunity to continually grow emotionally, socially, spiritually, physiologically, intellectually and financially while contributing in a positive way to others.  

We can all think of people who "have it all" and still seem to live hollow empty lives.  Obviously, success is not a measure of how much you have of something.

Often we get caught in the trap of seeing enormously successful people and thinking they are where they are because they have some special gift.  A closer look shows that the greatest gift that extraordinarily successful people have over the average person is their ability to get themselves to take action.

ULTIMATE SUCCESS FORMULA-The first step to this formula is to know your outcome, that is, to define precisely what you want.  

The second step is to take action, otherwise your desires will always be dreams.

The third step is to know what you're getting from your actions, whether it be in a conversation or from your daily habits in life.  If what you're getting is not what you want, you need to note what results your actions have produced so that you learn from every experience.

The fourth step is to change your behaviour until you get what you want.

Most people take very little conscious action to direct their state.  The wake up depressed or they wake up energized.  Good breaks lift them up, bad ones bring them down.  Consciously managing your state is one of the steps to achieving success.  If you want to learn techniques to manage your state, purchase Tony Robbins "Unlimited Power" tape series from Amazon.com or Ebay.  You can find both second hand for a very reasonable cost.

Pg. 17 Begin with PASSION-

Understand your BELIEFS-


Recognize the VALUE-



Everything that happens to us can serve us.  How we respond to the situations in our life determines if we grow or deteriorate.  We have all heard stories of people becoming paralyzed and going on to live more productive lives than before their accident.  We have also heard the stories of bitter depressed individuals who decide their life is over because of the same accident.

There is no such thing as failure, only results.  Success and failure are simply perspectives.  Think of a sporting event.  One team wins, the other loses.  The outcome is determined entirely by perspective.  Imaging that you're a player on the "losing" team that has thrown the game on purpose in order to win big in a gambling scam.  Suddenly the "loss" becomes a "win".

The same is true of our own experience.  We can chose to see the experience as a loss, or we can win from the experience by regarding it as a "win" in regards to what we have learned.  Thomas Edison is well known for his 10 000 failures on the way to inventing the light bulb.  Interestingly, he regarded each "failure" as having successfully eliminated another one of the ways not to build a light bulb.  He viewed it as a successful process of elimination rather than a failed attempt.

Whatever happens take responsibility- Life is difficult and it's not fair.  If you can't deal with these realities, you will never succeed.  Accept these truths and you begin to take control of your life.

No matter what happens, you're the only one who has control over your response.  Don't waste time blaming the situation or other people.  Assess where you're at and move on.  For horrific experiences you need to understand the principle of FORGIVENESS.  Forgiving others and forgiving yourself are two spiritual processes that can't be done simply be setting a goal to forgive.  They are deeply personal experiences that require a model of unconditional love.

You don't have to understand something to be able to make use of it.  I don't completely understand why it's so powerful to write down a goal, why it's so powerful to visualize, why forgiveness is so liberating, but I know that they work so I do each.  FIND WHAT WORKS - DO WHAT WORKS.  If you find that standing on your head and meditating works, do it.  If you find that sparring a couple rounds in the boxing ring works, do it.  If you find that connecting with a friend works, do it.  Measure your success by the results, not the activity.  Realize that what WORKS FOR YOU doesn't necessarily work for someone else.  

People are your greatest resource.  Loners have a difficult time achieving their full potential.  Working with others is a synergistic experience.  Early in my consulting career I was able to come up with brilliant solutions.  I had no idea that working with someone else would provide 10 times the results either one of us would have achieved on our own.  That means we were able to do 5 times more than our individual talents allowed.

Even if you're exceptionally talented at what you do, you can benefit tremendously by developing resources in others.  Network, teamwork and associate with others who can contribute to your goals.  Contribute to them, then they will contribute to you.

Work is play.  Do you know any person who has achieved massive success by doing what he hates?  I don't.  One of the keys to success is making a successful marriage between what you do and what you love.  People who are incredible successful have taken the risk long ago to pursue their purpose.  Because their life is filled with PASSION, they achieve massive results in the direction of their goals.  Work hardly seems a fitting description to what they do.  It doesn't mean that what they do is easy, but they enjoy what they're doing so much that they don't mind the challenges or the failures nearly as much as someone doing what they don't love.


Living the life of your dreams requires consistent ACTION.  That is where the ACHIEVE habit comes in.

MODELING-Find someone who does what you want to do exceptionally well and do what they do.  Part of it is simple.  If you see anyone with results you would like, you can achieve them too if you're willing to pay the price.  The trick is to find the motivation to do what they do.  Remember, it took them YEARS to develop the patterns and habits they now employ.  Don't expect instant success for yourself.  (Apply procrastination strategy here).


FIND WHAT WORKS - DO WHAT WORKS.  If it's not working, then stop doing what you're doing and try something else.  The worst that can happen is that you'll experience the same failure you already have on a regular basis.

If someone says, "Your plan just won't work," you need to find out what SPECIFICALLY they have a problem with.

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.  MBTI.


If you address someone in the right way, you can do anything.  If you address them the wrong way, you can't do anything.  The most inspiring message is meaningless unless it's understood both intellectually and emotionally.

Some teachers think that since they know their subjects, any failure in communication rests with the students who can't learn them.  The best teachers INTUITIVELY know how to pace and lead, but there's no reason why all teachers can't learn the same thing.

The greatest tragedy in education is that most teachers know their SUBJECTS, but they don't know their STUDENTS.  They don't know how their students process information, they don't know their students' representational systems, they don't know how their students' minds work.

Power is the ability to produce the results you desire most and crate value for others in the process.

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