It is natural to complain about or bring to someone's attention the things that irritate you right when they happen.

This usually leads to them being defensive and does not correct the problem.

At work, in the position as the boss, I have learned to make note of the issue and then bring it up later. Sometimes I bring it up at a staff meeting in a general context, sometimes at the end of the day, or at the beginning of the next one.

This provides two important things:

1. I'm not feeling frustrated when I bring up the issue.
2. The other person is not feeling as close to the issue as when it
happened, so they don't feel the need to be as defensive.

The principles of running a successful business are the same as running a successful family and household.

With that in mind, attempt to not criticize your partner AS they are doing something. Make a mental note of it and then bring it up with the most positive context you can create to let them know how you would prefer things in that situation.

Begin by constructing something in writing, then it can't lead to an immediate quarrel if it's a touchy issue.

Also remember to frame it in the most positive terms possible letting them know that you care about them and tell them something that they are doing that you sincerely appreciate.

Graham White