** Success For "Slow-Achievers" – by Graham White **

When I watch the life stories of the most well-known “successful” people in society, I notice that as far back as their pre-teens they were what would be described as “driven”.  The fact that they are still the hardest working, most focused, and successful people in their area of specialty is no surprise.  

Think of the people you’ve known the longest.  How many have made a dramatic change from being a “slow-achiever” to becoming a “high-achiever”?  Probably few, if any.  We may wish that we were all born with equal talents, but however unfair, it is not the case. We each fall somewhere along a continuum: beginning with being devastatingly challenged and ending with the supremely gifted. Some are taller, some are brighter, some are more charismatic and some are all three.  

You may look at someone who is very financially successful, has won a gold medal, become famous, or achieved the top awards in their field and feel a twinge of envy or even personal failure that you have not accomplished something so remarkable. Do you really believe that it is only the person who comes in first that makes a difference in life?  

We place some of the highest value in life on great parents, yet we don’t recognize this achievement in any tangible way.  We accomplish nothing alone.  Even those who stand out at the top of their field would be unable to do so without the important contribution of dozens of others along the way.  

If you insist on seeing personal success as being the highest achiever in your field, you will miss out on the joy of simply sharing your gifts in the most meaningful and significant ways you can.  What are the things that you do and the ways that you contribute that may not be measured by monetary gain or public recognition? Aren’t these valuable too?  

Are trying to become successful by someone else’s definition? Are you trying to please your parents, society, your spouse, or a myth that you created somewhere along the way? Are you working yourself ragged in order to get a raise or be promoted at a job you wouldn’t be doing if you weren’t paid in the first place?  Are you working hard to ensure you can give your family all the material things they desire when what they desire most is your attention, pride and affection?  

What words do people use to describe you?  Do they use words like perseverance, willpower, driven, visionary, unstoppable, ambitious, risk-taker and pioneer? Alternatively, would they use words like laidback, casual, down-to-earth, relaxed, patient, carefree, unhurried, and content? Maybe you’ve even been criticized for being “lazy”, distractible, procrastinating, not living up to your potential, or lacking motivation and direction. 

Is it possible that you are a “slow-achiever” attempting to fit into the role of a “high-achiever”? Is it working for you, or just making you more frustrated?  Take heart, if you are a “slow-achiever” there is good news.  You can still enjoy a fulfilling, relatively stress-free and wealthy lifestyle. As long as you stay focused on learning and becoming a little bit better than you were the day before, you will achieve amazing results…over time.  The key is taking advantage of your own strengths and not forcing yourself to adopt “high-achiever” characteristics.  

If you have bursts of energy followed by slow times, learn to apply yourself to the things that have the greatest impact when you feel energized. If you are more of a “slow, but steady” type of person, focus your energy into your areas of expertise and delegate or hire others for things you don’t excel at.  

Before you begin your drive towards success, define your core values. These values are yours, no one else’s. Not your parent’s, not your spouse’s, not your boss’s and certainly not your neighbors.  Until you determine what these core values are, you won’t be able to determine if you are successful.  If you are applying someone else’s standards of success to your own life you will always feel like you are falling short.  Understand who you are, be yourself and ACHIEVE your Incredible Potential!