1. Financial Foundation- You need some kind of money coming in to cover your bills. You do “Whatever it takes” to make this happen.  


  1. Financial Security- You need enough money coming in to cover your bills, money set aside for emergencies and enough money left over every month to put aside for investing.


  1. First level of Financial Freedom – You make enough money to cover all of these details and your income comes from doing what you love.


  1. Second level of Financial Freedom – You make enough money to cover all of these details and you do so through passive income.


  1. Third level of Financial Freedom – You make enough money to cover all of these details and you do so through passive income that relates to things you love.


  1. Fourth level of Financial Freedom – You make enough money to cover all of these details, you have enough coming in from these sources to hire other people to manage your money and you are educated enough about money to do this wisely. 



Financial Freedom then becomes a question of what level of lifestyle you choose to live. The more elaborate your lifestyle needs, the higher your passive income will need to be.


The reality is, that it is not lifestyle that provides happiness as much as it is how you choose to perceive your situation. Those who chase material things and hedonism are always left feeling empty.  The question then becomes, what are you here to contribute?  What is the value you have to offer?  When this is the focus, the cycle of financial freedom continually repeats because money is a result.  As you offer more and more value, your result is more and more financial return.


If your focus is strictly on financial return and not on the value you offer, you will likely take longer to achieve both financial freedom and what most people are actually seeking through financial freedom – happiness.




Do You Think You've Found The Short-Cut?:


  • Make sure you set measurable timelines and benchmarks that you must react to when you reach them.
  • For example:  “In two months, the BARE MINIMUM I need to be netting from my Network Marketing is $1000/mo.  If I am making less than this I need to consider something else for Guaranteed Income (like a JOB).”
  • Dreamers prefer to dream rather than set specific plans because our brains are wired well for dreaming, but poorly for planning.  If we're not prepared to do what is difficult for us (be held accountable to a specific plan) we will not be successful. 


People Who Find Success Natural:  


  • Those who success comes to naturally have a responsibility to share those gifts with others.  (Imagine the void that would be there if your mentors had chosen to avoid teaching you).
  • It is easier for successful individuals to "coast".  You need to be challenged to keep pushing your self, to pass up good for great. "Keep yourself in a state of discomfort." If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re probably taking it too easy.


 Choose to do what is hard. 


That is what separates those who are successful from those who are not. Life won’t stop happening because you have gotten comfortable. Eventually it will throw something new at you and if you haven’t been working on yourself, you’ll be unprepared. Just like with a business, if you’re not growing, you’re falling behind.  (If you want to really speed up this development process, put yourself through experiential workshops like Warrior and Mind of Steel Heart of Gold - www.PeakPotentials.com).


The paradox in life is that we need to give our gifts in abundance, focus on our passions and create our vision, but what prevents us from achieving our full potential are the areas we are most challenged by. 


Life is not “fair”.  Some people have more gifts and more potential than others. To those who have been given much, much should be expected. To those who have significant challenges, the road is more difficult, but the rewards are sweeter.  It is those who have traveled the more difficult road who have a more compelling story to share.


Although I am significantly challenged by ADHD, I now feel this is the opportunity I have been given.  At the same time, there are people who have far more challenging circumstances than me that achieve success and THEIR stories are the ones we marvel at.  

Graham White