Personality Type


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Personality Type is a great way to understand more about your preferences, strengths and weaknesses.  It can also help you understand a great deal about why you find some things easier or more difficult than friends, family members or co-workers.  

There are four components that are measured.  You will tend to lean more to one side than the other.  If you lean heavily to one side of any component, you will find that you have a hard time relating to others who lean heavily to the other.

In relationships, you will find that you are fairly compatible with those who share two or more of your characteristics and tend to have more conflict with those who are complete opposites.

The goal should be to develop balance in each area so that you can tap into the strengths of each and minimize the limitations that being polarized towards one extreme creates.

These are the four dimensions of personality:

     a) Introversion (I) ......... Extraversion (E) 
     b) Sensing (S)      ......... Intuiting (N) 
     c) Feeling (F)       ......... Thinking (T) 
     d) Judging (J)       ......... Perceiving (P) 

In each of these four sets of qualities below, you will have a preference for one or the other quality. This will give you your "letter". Just because you prefer to act in one way, doesn't mean that you can't be the other way in certain situations. It's a little like handedness - Although you have one hand you use most, you can use your other hand if necessary.  There is no "good" or "bad" trait - each have their own strengths and limitations.

As you consider the pairs of qualities outlined below, you will notice that you probably prefer one way of being to the other. It will tend to be your "first instinct" and what feels just a little more comfortable to you. If you are not sure, ask others who know you. 

Take a piece of paper and write down the following:

___ I or E   ___ S or N     ___ F or T     ___ J or P 


 QUICK PERSONALITY TEST  (For a full test, scroll to the bottom)

If you are an Extravert (E) you probably:

-Tend to talk first, think later
-Find listening more difficult than talking
Need to be around people in order to feel re-energized and to "talk out" your ideas

If you are an Introvert (I), you probably:

-Rehearse things before you say them
-Enjoy the peace and quiet of having time to yourself
-Need time alone to recharge after you've spent time in meetings, on the phone, or socializing.

Select The Characteristics That Are True Of You Most Of The Time

  1. Do you deal with a stressful day by:
    a) SHARING your experiences with people you’re close to or
    b) By spending time ALONE in a favorite activity, reading or watching TV?

  2. If you have a difficult day does it help to:
    a) TALK about it with a friend or family member or
    b) By being ALONE and letting it out of your mind?

  3. Do you show your enthusiasm:
    a) EASILY or do you prefer to
    b) Maintain your COMPOSURE?

  4. Do others find it:
    a) EASY to get to know you quite soon after they meet you or
    b) That you’re DIFFICULT to read at first, but get to know you if you let them?

  5. At a gathering with lots of people that you don’t know, do you enjoy
    a) Spending time getting to know many new people or
    b) With one or two that you have SOMETHING IN COMMON with?



*Make a note of your choice.


Or an INTUITIVE (N) person who likes to think about the "big picture" and abstract ideas and who tends to do things in new and different ways. This person often has problems with details and accuracy.

If you are a Sensor (S), you probably:

-Like to concentrate on what you're doing at the moment and generally don't wonder about what's next
ike things to be detailed, accurate, and prefers to do tasks in a "step-by-step" way
-Would rather work with facts and figures than ideas and theories.  You tend to find it difficult to "think outside the box"

If you are an iNtuitive (N), you probably:

-Tend to give general answers to questions and don't liked to be pushed for specifics
-Find the future and its possibilities more intriguing than frightening
Like to think about the "big picture" and abstract ideas and tend to do things in new and different ways. You likely have problems with details and accuracy.

  1. Do you prefer doing things that:
    a) You know thoroughly and have a well-developed routine or
    b) Does it excite you to do something you haven’t done before where you can work out new solutions?

  2. Do you prefer things to be:
    a) Practical and useful or do you
    b) Prefer new ways of doing things and new ideas for their novelty?

  3. Do you prefer being involved in projects:
    a) After they have been developed and there is a clear concept of what will be done or
    b) At the beginning of the project where you are called on to develop new and innovative ideas?

  4. Do you tend to solve problems
    a) As they appear or do you
    b) Find yourself determining potential problems and figuring out how they can be avoided?

  5. Do you do best handling a situation when you are:
    a) Presented with the details necessary to accomplish the project or do you
    b) Feel most comfortable when you have a firm grasp of the underlying principles and figure out the details yourself?



*Make a note of your choice.


If you are a Thinker (T), you are probably:

-Able to stay calm, and objective in situations when others are upset
-Prefer to make decisions based on what is fair and truthful rather than on what will make people happy
-Are more firm-minded than gentle-hearted

If you are a Feeler (F), you probably:

-Take others' feelings into account and prefer to avoid conflict
-Will overextend yourself to meet other people's needs
-Enjoy providing needed services to people

  1. Do you tend to
    a) Go out of your way to make sure everyone you deal with is happy and that they like you or do you tend to
    b) Be selective and go out of your way to be pleasant to those you have real respect for and are less interested, critical of people you don’t care for?

  2. In challenging and stressful situations, would others characterize you as:
    a) More involved in helping others feel better in the situation (the situation is resolved when those feeling uncomfortable are happy again) or
    b) More involved in solving the problem (the situation is resolved for you when the problem is resolved)?

  3. In dealing with critical situations are you inclined to:
    a) Be tactful, discussing the situation avoiding hurt feelings if possible or
    b) You’re direct even if someone’s feelings may be hurt because it is important to be clear about the situation?

  4. When doing a job are you most satisfied when:
    a) People appreciate you and your work or
    b) Do you feel the most satisfaction when you have realized the solution or completed the job to your own satisfaction?

  5. If someone comes to you with a problem are you more inclined to:
    a) Help them feel better about the situation or
    b) Make sure they understand the solution to their situation?



*Make a note of your choice.


If you are a Judger (J), you probably:

-You make plans and are committed to finishing what you start
-Don't like surprises, and make this well known to everyone
-Thrive on order; you have systems for your desk, home and car

If you are a Perceiver (P), you probably:

-Flexible and adaptable.  You love to change your routine and explore the unknown.  You'd rather start a new task than finish an old one.
-Are easily distracted; you can lose your car in the parking lot
-Have to depend on last-minute spurts of energy to meet deadlines

  1. Are you happiest:
    a) After decisions have been made and you know your precise plan or
    b) Before the decision has been made and you have options to choose from?

  2. Do you insist on:
    a) Getting work out of the way right away so that you know how much time you have to do other things or do you
    b) Prefer to do what you enjoy first and fit in things that you don’t enjoy closer to their deadline?

  3. Do you have the greatest amount of enthusiasm:
    a) After you have completed a project and can see what you have done and the quality of your work or
    b) Before the project starts and are working on developing your ideas and innovative solutions?

  4. Do you prefer:
    a) Knowing what you are getting into or
    b) Adapting to the situation as it develops

  5. Do you maintain organization by:
    a) Having specific places for everything and are neat and orderly at home, in your vehicle and at the office or
    b) You remember where you left things last and you know better than anyone how you have organized things because your system is very novel, maybe somewhat chaotic to others?



*Make a note of your choice.


Your combined answers will create one of these 16 personality types:

Click on a link below to read more about your personality type.  If what you read isn't "bang-on", you are either very balanced or you have chosen the wrong type and need to ask a friend to help you answer the questions more accurately.