Parenting With Love & Logic -- by Jim Fay &  Foster Cline

    * How to stop using rules and punishment and getting kids to think for themselves.
    * Applying Natural Consequences to your children's actions in a way they learn from rather than punishing them for what they've done "wrong".
    * I don't know if I can do a synopsis of this book.  If you're a parent - BUY THIS BOOK.

Parenting Teens With Love & Logic -- by Jim Fay & Foster Cline





Raising A Self-Disciplined Child -- by Robert Brooks& Sam Goldstein








Jim Fay - Love & Logic rather than Rules & Punishment

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Kids Are Worth It
Teach your children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Being a strong, loving parent without being controlling isn't easy, but it can become a habit.
What A Difference A Daddy Makes
You don't have to play music while they're in the womb, you don't have to make sure you have all the latest educational toys, you don't have to send them to the best schools - just be INVOLVED!
A Mind At A Time
Parents need to find things to praise in a struggling child and make sure that he doesn't give up on himself and get depressed and distressed while waiting for his day to come.
Raising A Self-Disciplined Child
Knowing what to do does not guarantee that children will do what they know. To do what they should, children need self-discipline.