Mission Statement

One's Mission generally includes both Purpose and Passion.

PURPOSE (your responsibility to contribute to others) - What your natural gifts and strengths allow you to experience, create and contribute in a way that makes you more valuable than someone else trying to do that same type of work. 

PASSION (your desire for personal fulfillment) - What your experiences and personal preferences lead you to want to experience, create and contribute.

Some people come from an environment where these two are harmonious, but there is no guarantee that these to are the same. If your Passion is the result of personal trauma or your Purpose was not supported or encouraged by those responsible for your development they may be quite different. At it's most extreme, therapy may be the first step in addressing the pain that has created this. I highly recommend the course, The Mastery of Self-Expression to understand the difference between the two.www.the-mastery.com  

Choosing to make something you are challenged by the focus of your income will consume an incredible amount of energy for the return it provides. The further your gifts are from what you are trying to create value in, the less likely one will be to generate value, including financial value. For example, your passion may be to be a jockey, but if you are 7'4" and weigh 350 lbs it is certainly not your purpose. In this example, the individual is free to spend all of their time, money and energy pursuing their passion of being a Jockey AFTER taking care of their immediate responsibilities (Income Now). There even is the possibility that they may never fall in love with their Purpose, but apply themselves to it 100% so as to enjoy their passion as much as possible.

I see many examples of people misinterpreting what Wealth Guru's says from the stage as being, "You can become a Millionaire doing anything you are passionate enough about. Simply choose a Passion about and the money will begin to flow in." This is NOT the message. The message is, "If you are prepared to do WHATEVER IT TAKES you can uncover your purpose, create significant value for others, experience wealth as one of the results of the value you create for others and then put that wealth towards anything you are Passionate about." This is the way you can have it all! 

Coaching is certainly a tremendous tool to help one uncover their purpose and value to others. Working through life to get to the point where Purpose and Passion are connected is one of the fundamental aims of coaching.




Define your gifts, strengths, interests and passions

This is where your Million Dollar Value is going to come from.


Your Gifts - Raw Talent. Abilities you were born with that you have no control over, you're just good at them
(Your looks Your brains Your physical abilities Your ability to connect with others Your charisma What else?)

Your Strengths - Developed Talent. Natural abilities you have further refined
(Your looks Your brains Your physical abilities Your ability to connect with others Your charisma What else?)

Your Interests - Developed Knowledge - Areas of strength or associated with positive experiences in your past that you have chosen to master

Your Passions - Developed Knowledge - Areas often associated with negative experiences or challenges from your past that you have chosen to master.