"LIVING WITH PASSION" by Peter L. Hirsch 

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Additional thought of Graham White in highlights

A psychologist once did a research project that had him fly from New York to L.A.  His task was to sit next to another passenger and engage that person in six hours of conversation, never once making a declarative statement about himself.  He was only to ask the other person questions.

When the plane landed, the psychologist had a team of his people there at the airport, ready to interview his fellow passenger.  What they found was that this man, with whom the psychologist had just spent that entire coast-to-coast trip talking, had only two things to say.

First: "That man?  He is the most interesting person I've ever met!"  And the second: "His name?  Gosh--now that you mention it, I didn't even get that fellow's name!"

Ask people questions that reveal their values and then listen.  People love to talk about interesting things, and for most of us, the most interesting thing in the world is ourselves.

Purpose is not something to be completed or finished, like a goal.  You achieve your life purpose by living your life in accordance with the values your purpose experiences and expresses.  Purpose is your vision.  Purpose calls forth your passion.  Purpose is about making a contribution to others.

No one is born with their purpose already in their minds.  They may have come into this world with a destiny of some kind, but somehow, someway, you must discover or reveal something that really moves you--and then go on to make it your life's work.

Forgiveness is an act of empowering yourself.

Trying to not work is harder than the actual work itself.  (Plastics Company)

Before anybody buys anything from you, they must first buy your attitude.

Super-successful people continuously run their own highlight films in the TV screens of their minds.

High achievers believe the best is yet to come.

You must be a success.  Your success is contagious.  You will empower many people to greater levels of accomplishment and happiness in their lives and work--simply by being successful yourself (do it for your children).

REVERSE GOAL SETTING: What has to happen to make the opposite of this happen?

WORKING BACKWARDS:  What needs to happen just before you accomplish your goal?  And just before that?  And before that?

What obstacles will you need to overcome to complete your goal?

What skills will you need to develop?

Who are the people you'll need to know and what resources will be required?

What other knowledge will you need to reach your goal?



  • What's great about this?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • What needs to change to make it happen?
  • What things do you value most in life?
  • What have you always wanted to try, but were too afraid?