ISFJ - Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging

"On My Duty, On My Honor"

I am loyal, devoted, compassionate and perceptive about how other people feel. I am conscientious and responsible and enjoy being needed.

I am down-to-earth and realistic and prefer others who are quiet and unassuming. I absorb and enjoy using a large number of facts. With great memory for details, I am patient with the follow-through phase of tasks. I like things to be clearly and explicitly stated.

Because I have a strong work ethic, I accept responsibility for things that need to be done, if I can see that my actions will actually help. I am painstaking accurate and systematic in handling tasks. I tend to be conservative with traditional values. I use practical judgment in making decisions and lend stability through my excellent commonsense perspective.

Quiet and modest, I am serious and hardworking. I am gentle, sympathetic, tactful and supportive of friends and colleagues. I tend to care for others and prefer to help in practical and tangible ways. I use personal warmth to communicate and relate well to people in need. I tend not to show my private feelings, but have an intensely personal reaction to most situation and events. I am protective and devoted to my friends, am service-minded, and committed to meeting my obligations.


Because I live so completely in the present, I have trouble seeing events in global terms or anticipating the possible outcomes of a situation, especially when it is unfamiliar. I need help looking beyond the moment and imagining what might or could be if things were done differently.

I can become mired in the daily grind and the unending work around me, both my own and others’ for whom I feel responsible. I can easily become overworked, doing everything myself to be sure that tasks are completed meticulously. Because I am not naturally assertive or tough-minded, I risk being taken advantage of. I need to express my frequently bottled-up feelings of resentment so I don’t find myself in the rescuing role. I also need to let other people know my needs and my accomplishments.

I often need extra time to master technical subjects. I tend to plan excessively and need to develop strategies that will help me refocus the energy I often expend worrying. I need to find ways of getting the much needed enjoyment and relaxation I deserve.


1. Learn to speak up

2. Consider possibilities that don't already exist

3. Work at being more flexible and spontaneous


-Great depth of focus and concentration
-Strong work ethic; I’m responsible and hardworking
-Good co-operation skills; I create harmonious relationships with others
-Very practical and realistic attitude
-Accuracy with facts and attention to details
-Love of being in service to others; I am supportive of co-workers and subordinates
-Strength at maintaining organization’s traditions and keeping track of its history
-Strong organizational skills
-Loyalty and comfort working within a traditional structure
-Excellence at managing sequential, repeated procedures or tasks
-Strong sense of responsibility; I can be counted on to do what I say


-Tendency to underestimate my own value; I may not be assertive about my own needs
-Reluctance to embrace new and untested ideas
-Sensitivity to criticism; I feel stressed by tension-filled work situations
-Desire to focus on details and the present rather than implications and the future
-Tendency to take on too much
-Difficulty adapting or switching gears quickly
-Tendency to be overwhelmed by too many projects or tasks at the same time
-Propensity to become discouraged if I no longer feel needed or appreciated
-Difficulty changing my mind or position once a decision has been made.


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