INTJ - Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging

"Competence + Independence = Perfection"

I am a perfectionist. My strong need for autonomy and personal competence as well as my unshakable faith in my own original ideas drives me to achieve my objectives. 

Logical, critical and ingenious, I can see the consequences of the application of new ideas and live to see systems translated in real substance. I am demanding of others and myself and tend to drive others almost as hard as myself. I am not particularly bothered by indifference or criticism. As with most independent types, I prefer to do things my own way. I am usually skeptical, decisive and determined in the face of opposition. I am not impressed with authority per se, but can conform to rules if I see them as useful to my greater purpose.

With an original mind, great insight and vision, I am a natural brainstormer. I am naturally theoretical and work well with complex and global concepts. I am a good strategic thinker and can usually see with clarity the benefits and flaws of any situation. In subjects that interest me, I am a fine organizer with incredible concentration, focus energy and drive. My many accomplishments are achieved through determination and perseverance towards reaching or exceeding my high standards. 


Being a visionary with sometimes unrealistically high standards, I may expect too much from others and myself. In fact, I tend not to care how I measure up to others’ standards; it is my own that are important. I may lack an understanding of how my behaviour affects others and can be critical and blunt in giving recommendations for improvement. I don’t often encourage others to challenge my views or express any personal feelings. Because I have a rather impersonal style, I may erroneously assume others wish to be treated in the same manner. I need to learn to understand the seemingly “illogical” feelings of others, and accept that they are rational and valid. This will keep me from alienating and offending those around me.

Because I place so much value on my own vision and ideas for the future, I am vulnerable to missing some important realities and facts of the present moment. I may also fail to recognize practical weaknesses in my ideas that may make their execution more difficult. Gathering all the relevant and factual data will help ensure that my ideas are workable. I need to simplify my often theoretical and complicated ideas so I can communicate to others.

Because I often choose to be alone and am single minded in my efforts, I can neglect to invite others to participate or assist in my activities. Soliciting the input and suggestions of others can help me recognize an impractical idea earlier in the process, or help me make the necessary changes and improvements before investing huge amounts of time. 
Increased effectiveness for me lies in making an effort to yield on less important points to win the more important ones. This decreases the likelihood of me becoming too stubborn and controlling. When I make an effort to adopt a more accepting approach to life and my dealings with others, I achieve more balance, competence and succeed at having more of my innovations accepted by the world.


1. Anticipate future needs and consider practical realities

2. Get input from others

3. Balance my work and personal life


-Ability to focus deeply on issues and to see possibilities and implications
-Enjoyment of complex theoretical and intellectual challenges
-Aptitude for creative problem solving; ability to examine issues objectively
-Single-minded determination to reach my goals even in the face of opposition
-Confidence and commitment to my vision
-Motivation to be competent and excel; High standards and strong work ethic
-Ability to work well alone; independent and self-directed
-Ability to create systems and models to achieve my objectives
-Comfort with technology
-Logical and analytical decision-making skills

-Loss of interest in projects after creative process has been completed
-Tendency to drive others as hard as I drive myself
-Impatience with others who are not as quick as me
-Difficulty working with or for others I consider less competent
-Brusqueness, lack of tact and diplomacy, especially when I’m rushed
-Lack of interest in mundane details; Inflexibility about my ideas
-Tendency to want to improve thins that don’t need improving
-Tendency to be too theoretical and not consider practical realities
-Tendency to not adequately appreciate and praise employees, colleagues and others
-Reluctance to reexamine issues already decided
-Propensity to overemphasize work life to the detriment of home life
-Impatience with “social niceties” required in some settings

-Spend time focusing on the realities and practical application of my ideas rather than just on the innovative implications
-Concentrate on not letting things fall through the cracks because I assume they are already taken care of

-Try to be persuasive in my approach rather than being unyielding in my style, allowing others to comment or challenge my viewpoint.
-Try to consider the ramifications and impact a decision or comment may have on another person, understanding that others often take criticism personally.

-Remember I’m in a selling position, attempting to portray myself as part of a team, someone who can and will contribute to the goals of the organization.
-Take time to listen fully and completely to other people and repeat back to them what they said to be sure I haven’t made incorrect assumptions.
-Try to get appointed to strategic planning committees.
-Develop systems and work to get them implemented with the organization
-Make sure I have enough uninterrupted time to think and work on projects that interest me.
-Develop a “critical friends” group to critique each other’s ideas, invite more direct reports
-Seek professional development opportunities
-Sign up for advanced training (or a degree) in my area of specialty.
-Publish research and articles in my field.


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