** HABITS FOR THE WORKPLACE - written by Corliss M. Tillman **

1.  Build a good rapport with your peers.  They can have a direct impact on the type of support you may receive.

2.  Arrive at work at least 30 minutes prior to your shift.  If you're at work on time, then you're late.  If you are early, you're on time.  Arriving early provides you with time to schedule your daily activities.

3.  Key a daily log of your activities and important conversations.  There is power in saying that on a specific date someone informed you of one thing or promised something else.

4.  Take advantage of any tuition reimbursement training programs offered by your employer.

5.  Develop a mentor relationship on the job.

6.  Never burn bridges.  Bypass the desire to bad-mouth your company.  Bad-mouthing the company could potentially tarnish your reputation.

7.  Correct false information immediately.  If false information is left uncorrected in your personnel record, it could suggest that you have a performance problem.  Always file a rebuttal to issues with which you disagree.

8.  Perform your job competently.  Do the best job possible.  Leave no doubt in the minds of others that you are worthy of upward mobility.

9.  Meet regularly with your manager.  Don't wait until you receive your annual performance review to stay on target with your manager.  Meet with him or her once every two months to discuss your performance.

Remember, upward mobility/promotions are offered to people that work hard and play hard.

These pearls of wisdom are from my book entitled, "How to Survive the Drama and Trauma in Corporate America."

About the Author
Corliss Tillman has been a trainer and human resources professional for thirty years.  She is the author of Repackage Yourself, Workplace Journal and How to Survive the Drama and Trauma in Corporate America.  She is also the founder/president of Professional Women In Business of America, Inc. which is dedicated to helping people move forward in their career, business and life through education, networking and training.