GIFTS: Raw Talent.  Abilities you were born with that you have no control over, you're just good at them

Put in order the following with a description of each.  I encourage you to start with a number from 1 - 10 indicating how strong each one is for you.

Appearance    Intellect    Physical Gifts    Interpersonal Skills    Charisma    Anything else?




1.   (15) Intellect - High IQ, quick mind, exceptionally creative, brilliantly intuitive

2.  (10) Anything else - ADHD gives me an ability to hyper-focus and be exceptionally intense and passionate.

3.  (7)  Looks - 6'4" with relatively aesthetic bone structure and decent muscle proportion

4.  (7) Physical Ability - Fairly athletic, but not a born "gifted" athlete

5.  (3)  Charisma - I show up well initially, but under pressure to perform socially I can become awkward.

6.  (1)  Ability to connect with others - I am an Introverted Thinker.  As an INTP, I have to work hard to make a genuine connection with people



STRENGTHS: Developed Talent.  Natural abilities you have further refined

Put in order the following with a description of each.  I encourage you to start with a number from 1 - 10 indicating how strong each one is for you.

Your looks    Your brains    Your physical abilities    Your ability to connect with others    Your charisma    Anything else?



1.  (9)  Ability to connect with others - I have pushed myself for a number of years to turn my weakness into my strength.  I have learned to connect to my heart and attempt to see that every time I interact with someone that they walk away better for the experience.

2.  (9)  Charisma - Hard to measure for yourself, but based on results I believe I show up as a leader that others trust, are motivated by and whose actions others desire to model

3.  (10)  Intellect - I have chosen to sharpen and develop my mind in areas that have meaning and significance to others.

4.  (9)  Looks - I have worked for years on my slouched posture, spent 4 years as a body builder and have intently studies what is sophisticated, attractive and "cool" as it relates to my appearance.  Although this is very challenging for me to focus on because I don't care how I look, I recognize how important first impressions are now.  I aim to  "Show up" at 110%.  That includes my appearance.

5.  (9)  Physical Ability - Because of the time spent in the gym and in sports, I appear to be a fairly natural athlete at whatever I do now.   

6.  (?)  Anything else - ADHD is something I am constantly working to find the up side to.  It's strengths are tremendous, but so are it's challenges.  It continues to be a source of energy as a challenge in the areas of organization and inter-personal and relationship skills.



INTERESTS: Developed Knowledge - Areas of strength or associated with positive experiences in your past that you have chosen to master

        List your top 3



1.  Taking complex ideas, knowledge and theory, simplifying it and systemizing the instruction of it   

2.  Philosophy, psychology, personal development, science, invention, innovation, character development, charisma, power, choice   

3.  Systems & Marketing



PASSIONS: Developed Knowledge - Areas often associated with negative experiences or challenges from your past that you have chosen to master.

        List your top 3




1.  Creating systems and tools that significantly decrease that amount of energy required for the creation of results.  

2.  Defining the specific steps and order needed to achieve any result.

3.  My family