"GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER" by Pam Young & Peggy Jones (The Slob Sisters) 

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Additional thought of Graham White in highlights.

This is a great book on organization.  It is fun to read and provides a lot of practical help.  It is designed to appeal to the homemaker who has lost control of their house.  

Because of the style it is written in, it is difficult to summarize.  There is a full chapter on how to use 3" x 5" cards that I have not even attempted to include because if it's style.  The first six chapters are directions on how to get organized.  Chapters 7 - 15 are more or less personal stories about the authors' experiences.

Seven Habits of Minimally Effective People

  1. Plan your appointments around the TV Guide

  2. Every fourth day, stay in your pajamas and be a zero.

  3. When you get the mail, allow at least thirty minutes to focus your complete attention on filling out all the Publisher's Clearing House Stuff.

  4. Aim low so you won't be disappointed.

  5. Go to bed at midnight and get up at noon.

  6. Surround yourself with pets, children and friends.

  7. Dress for comfort.  Before adding an item to your wardrobe, ask yourself, "Could I sleep in this?"

The American dreamers of the 50's and 60's reached and surpassed their goals of a home with a picket fence and car in the driveway.  Those years of progress came with hidden costs, however.  To acquire more and better of everything, just about everybody gave up free time and amassed a mountain of debt.  Consumer credit has become an addiction.

Habits to Memorize and Live By

  1. Finish what you start.

  2. Do it when you think of it.

  3. Pick it up, don't pass it by and don't put it down unless you put it away.

  4. Make your bed for your own self-respect.

  5. Make sure that each room in the house serves its own purpose.

  6. Eat sitting down.

The best guides are those who have overcome their own obstacles, not those who succeeded from the beginning.

7 Days To Get Organized

It does not matter if your work does not show immediately.  It will in time.  As soon as you can accept that it does not matter how many hours it is going to take to fix things, you are ready to change.  

1.  A Play Day- A day where you take at least some of your day to do something fun just for you.

2.  A Desk Day- Spend time at your desk on a day that coincides with the best grocery day ads.  It will allow you to catch up on bills and plan the weeks menu.

3.  A Full Cleaning Day- Until your house is de-junked, you will spend your time cleaning your drawers and closets.  Once these are clean, you will move on to cleaning the other surfaces in your house.

4.  A Half-Cleaning Day- Laundry, dust, globs in the kitchen and bathroom, and containers in the fridge.  Set a ten minute timer and work for 10 minutes at a time.

5.  A Gofer Day- Buying groceries, banking, supplies, post office, errands etc.  Organize your day so that you are efficient with your time and travel.

6.  A Family Work Day- With freedom comes responsibility.  Each person in the family needs to contribute to the maintenance of the household.  Lawn mowing, car washing, ironing, dusting, vacuuming - 2 hours of work for everybody.

7.  A Family Play Day- This is the day that everybody gets to be minimally effective.  You can sleep in late or do whatever you enjoy.  Plan an activity together that you do as a family.


All disorganized and messy homes have one thing in common:  TOO MUCH STUFF!  You know you need to get organized.  What you don't realize is, in the beginning, how much stuff you have to get rid of.  

In the heart of every disorganized home there beats the heart of a little pack rat.  90% of everything you've collected is going to have to go!  The reason it's hard to let go is because, behind everything you have saved, there is the thought that someday you will need it.  In the process of letting go, we hope to convince you that you DON'T need and WON'T need what you THINK you need.

DO NOT KEEP OLD MAGAZINES!  If it's something you haven't hooked up, turned on, eaten off of, covered up in, sat in or on, looked out of, at, or over, mailed, watered, or read in the last year...dare to dump it!


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