** FINDING your LIFE PURPOSE -written by Robert Elias Najemy  **

Questions For Connecting with My Inner Voice

1. When I was a child the things (activities, hobbies, interests, ideals) which were most important to me at various ages were:
a. Before 9 years old b. between 9 and 12
c. 13 to 15 d. 15 to 18 e. 19 to 21 f. 21 to 25

2. If I were told that I would die in 5 years, and that I would be healthy and active until that moment, I would live my life in the following way:
a. Family
b. Work
c. Personal time
d. Social life
e. Spiritual life

3. If I had to give three messages to the people of the world which for me were the most important guidelines for them to live by they would be:

4. If I had three wishes from a genie, who could give me special powers, what powers would I ask for:
a. If they were for myself?
b. If they were to be used to help others?

5. If your children asked you why we live, why we are on this planet, what is the purpose of life, what their goals should be in this life, how would you answer them?

6. What are your talents, and abilities, which come naturally to you, which are inherent in your personality?

7. In which situations have you felt the greatest satisfaction, fulfillment or sense of comfort with yourself and the world around you?

8. What kinds of activities or situations bring you the greatest joy?

9. What is it that you think you are best equipped to offer to your fellow man?

10. What talents, abilities or character traits would you like to develop further at this point in your life?

11. If in fact you are an instrument of a higher universal power (consciousness) which is governing all activities on the earth, seeking to manifest its latent potential in physical reality, through all beings as physical instruments of its expression, what could be the roles which you (as one of those physical instruments) have incarnated to play in the cosmic drama?

12. Describe here exactly how you would like your life to be, if there were no limitations whatsoever. Remember to describe all aspects of your life: physical, mental, social, professional, family, personal, spiritual, etc.

Study your answers to these questions for greater clarity concerning what you have really incarnated to do with your life.

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