Visiting a third world country demonstrates that Money does not equal Happiness.  You can find people with virtually nothing to their name and next to no income who are happier that some of the wealthiest people in North America.

Are they simply unaware of what they are missing out on?  How is it that living in conditions that would fill us with despair that they maintain such a positive outlook on life?

We live in a culture of "MORE".  We never have enough and there is always something we don't have that we feel we need.  There is a profound peace that can be learned from those who have very little.  They have learned to be happy with and enjoy what they have.

Upon his release from jail, Robert took a job working as a custodian for a church.  His experience had been one of having no possessions to call his own while in prison and he felt called to the service of others.  Every year, he invited 5 or 6 street people to come and live with him and share everything he had.  They lived in his suite and had use of everything he owned for that year.  Because he was used to having nothing, he felt free to share everything he now had.

He loved his job and he loved sharing what he was blessed with even more.  His joy in life came from sharing what he had with others.  Every year on New Years Day he would invite the street people he knew to help themselves to anything he owned.

After hearing about Robert, I examined my own life.  Would I be able to do the same?  Of course not.  I had accumulated to many things that were "mine" to feel free to give them away.  How much more true is that of those who possess even more?

If you own a luxury automobile, you have to worry about someone stealing or damaging it.  If you own a million dollar home, you have to worry about someone breaking in and stealing your possessions or threatening your life for money.  The more you have, the more you have to worry about.

I'm not saying financial wealth is bad.  I simply want to point out that happiness does not come from money or owning things.  Happiness comes from having the things in life that bring you fulfillment.  Happiness is a result of something you contribute, not something you have.

Fear and stress is a result of not having enough financial resources to pay for the things you have made part of your life.  You have two choices, earn more, or learn to be happy with less.  The majority of clients I work with that have financial stress simply live beyond their means.  This is just as true of those who make six figure salaries as it is of those who make minimum wage.


Manage your Perspective.  Love what you have.

Manage your Money.  Spend less than you earn.

Manage your Investments.  Make money work for you.


If you are currently dealing with a challenge or you are deeply concerned about the situation of another but don't know how to help, e-mail your question for a reply with the specific strategies that you can implement in yourself to encourage them to change.