Balanced For Success

We all know how important balance is to achieving success in anything we pursue.  What I discovered was just how much our lives are affected when one or more areas of our life are out of balance with the others.  Even if we have developed substantial success in one area, it is the area of greatest weakness (usually the one we say we don't care about) that is holding us back.

We all have areas of strength and weakness.  What those who experience total success have done is achieve balance between all areas of their life by maintaining their strengths and learning to overcome their areas of weakness.

What do you treat as inconsequential?  

Do you look after your body by eating responsible and getting enough exercise?  Do you feed your mind by continuing to attend courses, read new non-fiction books and discuss current events?  Do you manage your finances well enough that they don't create stress in your life?  Do you spend quality time, regardless of how busy your schedule is, with your spouse, your children and your friends?  Have you developed habits of organization throughout all areas of your life?  Are you able to move through any social circle with ease because you have developed self-awareness and personal skills that attract others to you?  Do you take the time and make the effort to be connected to the world in ways that extend you beyond yourself through art, nature, music and contributing to your community?

If you were to grade yourself in each of these Seven Areas Of Development, how would you score?  Do you have much greater development in one area?  Do you have one area of significant weakness?  

Take a moment to think how bringing up that area of weakness would affect every other area of your life.  How much stress is it causing you to continue ignoring it?  What do you miss out on that other people enjoy because "It's not important to me?"


Obviously everyone has different types of personalities.  We choose how we interact with the world based on our natural gifts and the experience we have with them.  What few of us do is work on developing balance in the areas that are less natural to us.  

If you think of the most well regarded people you know, you will probably recognize that they are well balanced among the 7 skills.  This balance is what allows them to excel.  They can tap into the abilities of all 7 areas and aren't held back by limitations in their personal development.  This allows them opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise have.

Imagine how your world would open up if you had the same level of ability in your areas of weakness as you have in your areas of strength!

Stress is caused when you have significant imbalance.  It matters less about how much development you have in each of the seven areas as it does if you have balance between them.  Your life would be less stressful if you were LESS gifted in your strongest area and applied that imbalance to your weakest area.

We look at people who have what we don't and justify our lack of desire to achieve success where they have because they often have weaknesses where we have strength.  The truth is, we're both unbalanced.  Real success and fulfillment is found by developing our strengths across the spectrum.

You can't take anything away from yourself, so begin thinking about how you can take steps to strengthen your weakest areas.

The tools for Understanding Your Personality Type, Developing Balance, Achieving measurable success in weekly goals you set and the tools to guarantee you succeed are all available.  If you've found the motivation to stop accepting living an average life and are ready to ACHIEVE your Incredible Potential, we're right here waiting to help!