Those who found success easily had the ability to be accountable to themselves.  Those who find success elusive must implement more dramatic forms of accountability.

ANY challenge you are facing can be overcome if you recognize the level of accountability you need to put into place for your success.  Methods that work for one person, don't necessarily work for others because the level of challenge is different.

If an issue has been holding you back for a long time, this list can help you identify what level of accountability you need to support your own success.

 Levels Of Accountability:

  1. Conscience.  This works for the things you already are successful at 100% of the time.

  1. Written Record Of The Goal. This works for a new goal that you have only recently become interested in achieving but forget about because it isn’t already part of your life.

  1. Detailed Schedule. This works for simple goals that just need time to get done. Nagging goals can be accomplished by developing a good schedule.

  1. Commitment To A New Habit. If you have the willpower to be accountable to yourself in doing what you don’t enjoy FIRST, you use this.

  1. Commitment To A Program. Find a good solution and implement it, join a gym, do your activity with a partner etc.

  1. Broadcast Your Intent. Tell everyone and talk about it often. You become accountable to the fear that they’ll ask you about your goal and you don’t want to have to tell them you’re failing. 

  1. Be Accountable To A Specific Individual. This works for goals you need support in. Chose the person carefully.  They have to be 100% committed to whatever system you decide on. If they fail you, you too will fail.

  1. Be Accountable To A Drill Sergeant.  This works for goals you need a lot of motivation to achieve. They must be someone who will confront you and force you to do the things you don’t feel like doing.  They must be willing to get in your face and REFUSE to take no for an answer.

  1. Be Accountable To Your Currency. Set up a system where you agree (in writing) to a financial penalty (or similar loss of something important) for failing to achieve your goal. Decide on the cost by how much pain you need to motivate yourself to accomplish a goal that you have failed on repeatedly. Give the MAXIMUM amount that it will cost you if you fail to the individual holding you accountable.  Agree that it will become theirs (or a charities) if you don’t achieve your goal.

  1. Professional Help.  If you don't achieve your goal for very significant issues you will lose your opportunities, your relationships your health or your life. Ask people who care about you to help you commit. Once you recognize the gravity of your situation, get professional help.

Graham White