Level 1 Woman




My life feels like an emotional roller coaster.  Just when I think I've got it figured out it comes crashing down.


I want to feel safe and in control, but whenever I feel I'm getting close it always slips away.


I don't understand why people don't appreciate and respect me when I give so much.


I worry that my genuine desire to be accepted and validated comes across as being needy.


I don’t let others really see who I really am because I feel undeserving or unlovable underneath.


I'm scared to make the wrong decision and I hate it when people get upset or disappointed with me.


I sometimes agree just to avoid conflict and then later I get mad at myself or feel resentful.


I wish I could stop stuffing my feelings by using food or shopping to make myself feel better.





I have more than enough money and love which makes it easy to give without expectations.


I love who I am and generously care for my Self.  I consciously choose when and what I eat.


I love who I am, I can be vulnerable with others and I don't require their acceptance or validation.


I say no when I mean no and I am free of guilt or shame in doing so.


I set boundaries people won’t cross and no one ever takes advantage of me.

I easily handle conflict as I am confident that there is a solution that will work for everyone.


I have figured out what my desires are and feel passionate about going for them no matter what.

I'm having FUN in life and I see it as a wonderful adventure even when it's challenging.